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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: When we get back together, can we have a presentation on the County's progress in embedding RESJ [Racial equity and social justice] principles into Dane County government?
A1: Dane County Department of Human Services is committed to addressing racial equity and social justice issues within our community. We expect that the strategic planning process will provide a forum for these important community conversations in the coming months. The input from all our communities will help us frame our strategic priorities to better achieve racial equity and social justice. As our strategic priorities are identified and strategies are developed we are committed to reaching out to all communities to educate, advocate, and build coalitions to advance the hard work and systemic change necessary to create equity in outcomes for all Dane County citizens. 
The Division of Children, youth, and Families has promoted racial equity and social justice principles through active recruitment of staff of color, requiring staff complete cultural competency training, increasing the number of foster home of color, focusing efforts of the court diversion unit on serving an increased proportion of youth of color, and working to reduce the disparity in child protective service abuse or neglect substantiation rates and out-of-home placements.